Audeze Penrose, A Review

As a hi-fi enthusiast, one of the one of the things I’m always after is finding the best sound for a given use case for a reasonable price. For the last year given how common zoom meetings have become, I’ve been wanting to up my game in terms of wireless headset (headphone + microphone combo). There are a few out there from Sony, Sennheiser, Apple and Bose and I have owned different models from all these makers. However, wireless capabilities of these are limited to Bluetooth — which has a whole host of issues I didn’t want to deal with. The above also compromise in terms of sound fidelity for features like noise canceling, battery life, etc. And this is how this headset from Audeze piqued my interest: in addition to Bluetooth (which can be disabled), it comes with a proprietary 2.4Ghz low-latency wireless connection which is 100% digital and then the DAC functionality is delegated to the device.

Audeze Penrose

Software, hi-fi audio, data, financial markets observer.

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