Rudimentary 3D Model with Fusion 360

A mere 5–6 years ago 3D printing was a very expensive hobby. There was lots of hype around it and every nerd or curious maker enthusiast wanted one. The problem was two-fold: 3D printers were expensive, often in the thousands of dollars for an entry level model and secondly, it…

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with AppleWatch(es) for years dating back to their first iteration. Have owned and re-sold or gifted at least three prior ones. My chief complaint was the fact the watch was hopelessly “tethered” to the phone for almost everything. In essence, it was little more than…

As a hi-fi enthusiast, one of the one of the things I’m always after is finding the best sound for a given use case for a reasonable price. For the last year given how common zoom meetings have become, I’ve been wanting to up my game in terms of wireless

Late last year as I began looking into a pair of passive bookshelf speakers for my turntable setup, I asked around enthusiast forums and reading a lot of reviews for different brands and models. After feeling rather overwhelmed due to the great array of choices, narrowed down my choices to…

Ruben Orduz

Software, hi-fi audio, data, financial markets observer.

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