I spend an inordinate amount of time at the keyboard, so it only makes sense that I’m in an endless pursuit for a better all around keyboard, but specially one that’s adept to coding and productivity. Every couple of years or so, I start looking for a new keyboard that improves in some respect what I already have. My main criteria are, ranked 1–7, where 1 is most important:

  • Tactile/aural experience (1)
  • Price (5)
  • Layout (4)
  • Clean/minimalistic aesthetics (2)
  • Connectivity (6)
  • Upgradeability/Customization (7)
  • Build quality (3)

This year looking at several review sites, this keyboard came up. The first shock…

Photo by Any Holmes — Unsplash

Yesterday was the last day of David Beazley’s week-long training Rafting Trip. The aim of the course is to learn, understand, discuss and implement the Raft distributed consensus algorithm. Raft is at the heart of etcd, which is arguably one of the most important pillars and underpinnings of Cloud Native and distributed computing.

The problem with Raft is that it is deceivingly difficult to actually understand and much harder to implement it. Upon reading the venerable paper where the algorithm and problem it tries to address are laid out, readers come out with a sense of having a fairly reasonable…

Rudimentary 3D Model with Fusion 360

A mere 5–6 years ago 3D printing was a very expensive hobby. There was lots of hype around it and every nerd or curious maker enthusiast wanted one. The problem was two-fold: 3D printers were expensive, often in the thousands of dollars for an entry level model and secondly, it was ssssllllllooooooow. How slow? It would take 5–6 hours to make a 3cm x 1.5cm x 0.3cm monogram with one of my kid’s initials. In 2015 I distinctly remember (at a tech conference) a booth with 2 big, “professional” 3D printers was 3D printing stuff for people in exchange for…

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with AppleWatch(es) for years dating back to their first iteration. Have owned and re-sold or gifted at least three prior ones. My chief complaint was the fact the watch was hopelessly “tethered” to the phone for almost everything. In essence, it was little more than an additional wrist-bound screen for your iPhone. However, a lot has changed in the last 3 years and my main source of frustration has been assuaged in recent versions of the watch. …

As a hi-fi enthusiast, one of the one of the things I’m always after is finding the best sound for a given use case for a reasonable price. For the last year given how common zoom meetings have become, I’ve been wanting to up my game in terms of wireless headset (headphone + microphone combo). There are a few out there from Sony, Sennheiser, Apple and Bose and I have owned different models from all these makers. However, wireless capabilities of these are limited to Bluetooth — which has a whole host of issues I didn’t want to deal with…

Over a year and a half ago, I wrote a series posts describing things I’ve learned throughout the years of equities, futures and options trading. The last installment of that series has become once again relevant once again now that the massive short-term rally of Bitcoin is all but done. However, in this post I want to highlight a common issue I see with traders who have lost money say or do, which I believe to be a coping mechanism but one that tends to make matters much worse: bending the charts.

BTC vs USD as of July 17th, 2019, showing a textbook double top pattern

In the last week or so the vast…

Campfire Audio Polaris 2

A bit over a month ago Campfire Audio announced the latest revision to their Polaris line of IEM. Upon hearing the news, I decided to check them out, seek reviews on hi-fi enthusiast forums, etc. At the time there was only a small handful of analytical reviews and they looked very promising, specially as I’ve been looking out for “fun”-tuned IEMs.


Segue: before we go any further it’s absolutely worth mentioning that unlike other types of headphones, the fit make or break IEMs. The best sound in the world won’t make up for uncomfortable or even painful…

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

A few weeks ago I got the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable to replace the U-Turn Audio Orbit I sent back. In spite of lacking some of the customization flexibility on the Orbit, the specs and pricing made them direct competition. While there were some things I wasn’t pleased about with the Orbit, it’s still a formidable turntable and a fairly high bar to clear for any competitor to earn my business. I’ve listened to Debut Carbon for about 3 weeks now, below is a short review.

Review disclaimer: I want to make this super clear: I do not receive compensation…

Late last year as I began looking into a pair of passive bookshelf speakers for my turntable setup, I asked around enthusiast forums and reading a lot of reviews for different brands and models. After feeling rather overwhelmed due to the great array of choices, narrowed down my choices to the following: Chane A1.4, Klipsch RP-600M, and the KEF Q150. Honestly, I thought either of them would fit my requirements well and I’m fairly certain I would be just as happy with either of the other two choices. Even though I wasn’t planning on forking the money at the time…

Emotiva TA-100 Integrated Amplifier

As mentioned in a previous post, late last year I spent quite some time trying to figure out a good stack to support a turntable. When it came to amplifiers, I had three choices: Marantz PM6006, Cambridge Topaz SR20 and Emotiva TA-100. After asking around forums and social media, it was apparent that all three were equally well received; the main differentiator being the brand name in many instances with the Emotiva being perhaps being the lesser known. Instead of laboring about this decision for days, given all three are, on paper, mostly equivalent, I decided to add all three…

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